What Are ASTM A519 GR 4130 Seamless Pipes And Its Specification

Grade AISI 4130 is a low Alloy steel which contains elements such as chromium and molybdenum added to its batch as reinforcing agents. Compared to conventional carbon steels, AISI 4130 pipe and pipe are more receptive to heat and mechanical treatments. The low carbon content of AISI 4130 facilitates superior welding operations.

Features of ASTM GR 4130 Seamless Pipes

The good strength and its hardenability make alloy 4130 seamless steel round pipes and a good fit for applications involving structural use. If this low alloy steel is manufactured using specification ASTM A519, they are either hot-finished or may be cold-finished.

If the ASTM A519 Grade 4130 Pipe is to be a part of mechanical tubing, they could be strand cast or cast in ingots. 4130 Alloy Steel Seamless Pipe is customarily contrived by hot working steel.

If imminent, these hot-worked tubular pipes are subsequently cold-finished to construct the solicited dimensions, shape, or properties. pipes are usually supplied in one of the following shapes and square, round, rectangular as well as sections of a specific nature. To refine the portions of the specified elements, thermal analysis could be used. The AISI 4130 Seamless Pipes could be covered with a film of oil before performing any shaping operation.

Chemical Composition of ASTM GR 4130 Seamless Pipes

  • 41 mean low alloy steel containing 1 % chromium and 0.2 % molybdenum.
  • 30 mean a carbon content of 0.30%.
  • In addition, there will be around 0.2-0.5 % silicon, 0.5-1.0 % manganese, and under 0.1 % of each of a dozen or so other elements whose presence is unavoidable.
  • The remaining 97-98 % is iron.

Application of ASTM GR 4130 Seamless Pipes

  • This alloy is used for manufacturing ball and roller bearings.
  • This alloy is also good for making gears due to its heat treatment property.
  • It is used for rock-crushing machinery and automotive parts.
  • It is used for manufacturing structural parts of aircraft.
  • The main use of this alloy is in the field of resistance welding.
  • It is used for cutter tools such as drills, taps, milling cutters, etc.