Properties and application of AISI 4130 SEAMLESS TUBING

Properties and application of AISI 4130 SEAMLESS TUBING

AISI 4130 Seamless Tubings are more vulnerable to mechanical and heat treatments than carbon steel. Chromium and molybdenum are used as reinforcing agents in AISI 4130 Seamless Tubes. It has a low carbon content and is easily soldered. AISI 4130 is low alloy steel with reinforcing agents such as molybdenum and chromium. The carbon content is nominally 0.30 percent, and because of this low carbon content, the fusion weldability of the alloy is outstanding. Heat treatment can be used to harden the alloy. 4130 low alloy steel is widely used in structural applications such as aircraft engine mounts and welded tubing installations.


Physical properties of AISI 4130 Seamless Tubings include a density of 7.85 g/cm3 in metric and 0.284 lb. /in3 in imperial. In metric and imperial units, the melting point is 1432°C and 2610°F, respectively. Tensile strength, elasticity, elongation, hardness, and machinability are mechanical properties of AISI 4130 Seamless Tubings. It also has unique properties such as forming, welding, heat treatment, forging, hot working, cold working, annealing, tempering, and so on.


Automobile and Bearing Industries, Mechanical and Structural Applications, Hydraulic and Petrochemical Applications, and so on. Energy Production, Petrochemicals, Gas Processing, Specialty Chemicals, Pharmaceutical products, Pharmaceutical Devices, Chemical Equipment, Saltwater Equipment, Heat Exchangers, Condensers, and the Pulp and Paper Industry, among others.

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